I've always been passionate about helping others and I think now more than ever, we need to help each other  so we can all be successful.  I've learned  A LOT throughout my journey starting a business and get asked many questions about growing your social media quickly, learning manual mode, how to get into weddings, how to establish a business, editing and posing/working in session. So, I finally decided to start offering mentor sessions so I can  really set aside time to help other creatives reach their goals.

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"Nicole is not only a very exceptionally talented photographer but an amazing mentor as well! Being new to the photography business I came across Nicole’s page. I loved her work and decided to reach out! Nicole was not only very warm and welcoming with me asking for help, but she asked me the very next day to come with her on her styled shoot! I was more then excited and got to see her behind the scenes. I got to watch as she talked with her couple and prompted them. How she was ontop of every detail and every angle. She made the couple feel so comfortable! She explained why she was doing what she was and why she was having them do the prompting and the outcome from it. She has answered every question I’ve had as far as lighting and scenario and even came to my house to fix my camera for me! Nicole is the absolute best at what she does and will be the biggest help! She was like a momma bird to me and fed me all her info then pushed me out of the nest and I couldn’t have been more happy for that! She believed in me and my work and she was right!"



- Kacee nubine photography

An hour hands on mentor session with me!  We will work with a couple to go over camera settings, authentic posing, prompting and anything else you may question while in-session.  A great way to gain confidence and  build your portfolio!

Want to streamline your business and give it an overall more professional feel for clients? HoneyBook is your all-in-one solution. As and educator for HoneyBook I'm here to help you learn the ins and outs of the platform so you can spend more time on your sessions and less on contracts, emails, etc. Let's take your client experience to the next level.

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A virtual hour session to go over anything! The basics of manual mode, social media marketing,  questions on gear, posing, shooting you first  session, getting into weddings, establishing your business, etc. This is designed to be a Q&A type lesson where you can  ask anything!

The Basics

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